36 Top Best Backlink Checker Tools Online

Backlink Checker is one of the most important tools to each and every website owner. And Backlink Checking is an essential part of SEO to all. In the last couple of years, there are many changes occurred except Backlink. Now the issue is, which backlink checker is most effective? Though a lot of backlink checker tool available on the web.
Before a site could be ranked higher depending on the number of backlinks you own for your website. But now in 2016, it changed to “Quality Links” instead of “Number of Backlink”.
There are many private blog networks was killed by Penguin algorithm update of Google and low-quality link was marked down.
In this content will bring a thorough insight on Backlink Checker for you; which will help you to choose a better backlink checker and get the exact backlink quantity.

Backlink Checker tool: Why you need it?

What is backlink? Backlinks which websites/ pages are linked to your site/ pages. For high ranking and better keyword ranking of your website, backlinking is one of the major parameters. A well quantity of Backlinks ensures the improvement of Page Rank as well as the Moz Rank. And Backlinks checker used for counting backlinks are created for your site. There are two different categories of backlinks. One category is “Dofollow Backlink” and another category is “Nofollow Backlink”.

For backlink creation, there are some ethical issues. Generally to create backlink, people are considering Dofollow links.
There are many free and paid tool available on the internet. Using them you can see all inbound and outbound links of your website. You can check all incoming links to your website using any free Backlink Checker tool online. Some tools offer detail result and some other tools offer only the quantity of links. But the good thing is they won’t need any registration or sign up to use their backlink checker tool.

Best Backlink Checker tools

Backlink Checker -1: SEMRUSH

SEMRUSH is a great SEO tool among the market though it is a paid tool. Of course, the Backlink Checking feature of SEMRUSH can be used really free for 14 days. The price of this tool you can get from here in detail. This tool also allows checking backlinks of your competitor’s site. There is a comparison facility that allows you to compare your site backlinks with other websites.

Backlink Checker Semrush

Backlink Checker -2: AHrefs Backlinks Report

This tool also a paid tool. But you can get a backlink analysis with an anchor text analysis for a website by registering for a free account to AHrefs. You can get elaborated information of backlinks of your website from this tool. If your site was negative ranking any search engine update, you can get detail information by AHrefs and can take perfect steps according to the situation.

Backlink Checker Ahrefs

Backlink Checker -3: BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is one of the greatest tool for content marketing worldwide. There two version of registration available in BuzzSumo is Free and Pro version. Pro version enabled a feature that allows you to generate backlinks of a single domain or a single page. Also allows to extract backlinks to .csv or .xls file format.

Backlink Checker Buzzsumo

Backlink Checker -4: BacklinkWatch

BacklinkWatch is a free tool, though, the result of this tool is not so accurate. But this tool is not bad for blog backlinks checking.

Backlink Checker -5: Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is one of the most worthy Backlink Checker tool. You can compare backlinks for 2 or more domain in this tool. For most accurate result it requires a paid account. But the free version is also nice for start checking backlinks. To access this tool go to https://moz.com/researchtools/ose/

Backlink Checker -6: Link Diagnosis

Link Diagnosis has different feature for its user. Users can generate detail report of Backlink for specific domain or page. There are different output available in the Backlink Checker Tool. Please keep note that Link Diagnosis Tool works best with Mozilla Firefox.

Backlink Checker -7: Alexa

Alexa has paid and 30 days of free trial for Backlink Checking.

Backlink Checker -8: Backlinktest.com

BacklinkTest is absolutely free Tool. This is just a CAPTCHA verification.

Backlink Checker -9: cognitiveSEO – Backlink Checker And Site Explorer

This tool has a free version for 14 days trial and paid version as well. The free version provides up to 25 Backlinks for each report. Paid version also may vary based on their plan.

Backlink Checker -10: European-Business-Connect.de

This tool is completely free. You can generate up to 2,500 backlinks per report. Just you have to pass CAPTCHA verification. One more thing is the site available in German Language only.

Backlink Checker -11: Indexicon

Indexicon is a free tool. Per report it provides up to 16,000 backlinks for a day. If you need to export backlink list in CSV format, you can get it within a few hours via email.

Backlink Checker -12: Linkbird

This is a paid tool. Though it has a free trial of 14 days. The paid version costs 79.90 Euro per month.

Backlink Checker -13: Linkody

This is also a paid tool. But you can use it for a 30 days trial period. You can purchase its paid version on the basis of monitored domain.

Backlink Checker -14: Linkody – Backlink Checker

Linkody is a free tool to check your backlink. You can check up to 2 domain per week by this tool.

Backlink Checker -15: LinkPad

LinkPad is an absolutely free tool. You can use this free tool and get up to 5,000 Backlinks per report. This tool own web crawler named LinkpadBot. This site is in Russian.