Apple iWatch – Outstanding Tips & Tricks

Let us introduce you with all exciting features of Apple Watch. It has fulfilled our many technological dreams. This device is really easy to use and it allows to do a lot using it. Beside Apple iWatch you can try a latest fitness tracker smartwatch Polar M600.

Let’s enter into the fuzzy cloud of Apple iWatch to search out all exciting features.

Apple iWatch face

For first use, you have to pair your Apple iWatch with iPhone to sync photos, music, receive app notifications and locate your iPhone.,

1. Pair your iWatch with iPhone

  • Turn on Bluetooth on iPhone
  • Make sure that Apple watch is turned on or turn it on holding down the side button for seconds
  • Select your desired language (You can choose your language here)
  • Now Tap on the “Start Pairing”
  • Go to your iPhone and Open Apple Watch App
  • Grab your Apple Watch to align it with your iPhone’s camera viewfinder

 There is a manual paring method

  • Tap the “i” icon button at the top right corner of Apple Watch
  • Go to your iPhone and find “Apple Watch App”
  • Tap on “Pair Apple Watch Manually”

 2. Unpair the Apple iWatch from iPhone

  • Go to iPhone
  • Go to Apple Watch app
  • Go to My Watch
  • Go to the Apple Watch in iPhone settings
  • Tap on the “Unpair Apple Watch”
  • For confirmation Tap on “Confirm”

3. Locking and Unlocking your Apple Watch

lock unlock Apple iWatch

Lock Apple Watch

  • Long press side button of Apple Watch
  • Tap Lock Device

Lock Apple Watch via iPhone

  • Go to your iPhone
  • Go to Apple Watch app
  • Go to My Watch
  • Go to Passcode
  • Go to Turn Passcode On
  • Enter a new passcode on your Apple Watch
  • Enter again to confirm

Unlocking iWatch via iPhone

  • Go to My Watch
  • Go to Passcode
  • Turn on “Unlock with iPhone”

As the default setting, you have to enter the password to your iWatch once. Your watch will remain unlocked until it detects your wrist.

Important tips

  • Your passcode of iWatch and iPhone must not be same.
  • Passcode of iWatch is changeable via your iPhone.

 4. Changing Apple Watch Clock face

Clock face apple iwatch

You can change Clock face of your Apple Watch. To change clock face –

  • Go to clock app
  • Long press on screen to bring up gallery of Clock face
  • Tap on “Customize” to choose the desired clock face (You can select by swiping left/ right)