VLC Player Tips & Tricks with Best hidden features

VLC Player Tips and Tricks helps you to achive a fabulous & versatile media player in the current world of VideoLan. As everybody know that among all media player VLC is the most popular player. It plays almost all codec. You can play online and offline video, RIP DVD’s, manage internet radio and podcast, use video effects, recording videos are playing, capturing a screenshot and much more.

VLC player Tips & Tricks Step by Step

1. Convert Media Files

  • Open VLC Player
  • Click Media
  • Click Convert/ Save
  • A window will appear to open media file
  • Add file from File section
  • Click Convert/ Save
  • Convert window will appear
  • Select profile for video format you like
  • Select Destination folder
  • Click Start

VLC Player Tips_Convert media file in VLC Player

2. Play or Download Online Video Files

  • Open VLC Player
  • Click Media
  • Click Convert/ Save
  • A window will appear
  • Click on Network Tab
  • Enter your video URL in Network Protocol Field
  • Click Play forms Convert/ Save button (It will play the video)


VLC Player Tips_Play Online Video in VLC Player

3. Record a currently playing video or audio

  • Open VLC Player
  • Click View
  • Few more button will be added at the top of Playback buttons
  • Play video
  • Click “Record” button (To record the Currently playing video) [shortcut CMD + ALT + r]
  • Again Click “Record” button (To stop the recording)


VLC Player Tips_Record currently playing video in VLC Player

4. Record Desktop activity

  • Open VLC Player
  • Click Media
  • Click Convert/ Save
  • Go to “Capture Device” Tab
  • Select capture mode : Desktop
  • Select Frame rate for capture
  • Click Convert/ Save
  • Select Video format Profile
  • Select destination folder
  • Click Start to start recording
  • Click Stop button to stop recording


VLC Player Tips_Record desktop in VLC Player

5. Record Webcam video

  • Open VLC Player
  • Click Media
  • Click Open Capture Device
  • Select DirectShow from capture Mode Dropdown menu
  • Select Video and Audio device
  • Now use setup for Currently Playing Video recording


VLC Player Tips_Record webcam with VLC Player


  • Open VLC Player
  • Click Media
  • Click Convert/ Save on Disc Tab
  • Select Disc from Disc Selection
  • Check No disc menu
  • Click Convert/ Save
  • Choose codec
  • Save with compatible codec extension


VLC Player Tips_RIP CD DVD by VLC Player

7. Remotely Control VLC Player from Browser

  • Open VLC Player
  • Click Tools
  • Click Preference
  • Select All (Radio button)
  • Go to Interface > Main > Lua > Lua HTTP Password
  • To test it go to the browser where VLC is installed
  • Go to address bar and type localhost:8080 or
  • Type password


VLC Player Tips_Remote Control VLC Player

8. Effects for Audio & Video

  • Open VLC Player
  • Go to Tools
  • Go to Adjustments and Effects
  • Browse through tab and use A/V Manipulation tools
  • For video adjust color, cropping, rotation of video and adding filters
  • For Audio equalizers are available to tune any track


VLC Player Tips_Effects for Audio & Video in VLC Player

9. Subscribe to Podcasts

  • Open VLC Player
  • Go to Playlist
  • Go to The Internet at left sidebar
  • Go to Podcast
  • Hover your mouse over Podcast option
  • Find “+” and click on it
  • Enter URL of the Podcast
  • Click ok
  • Choose podcast to grab its tracks and play it


VLC Player Tips_Subscribe Podcast by VLC Player

10. Play Internet Radio

  • Open VLC Player
  • Go to Media
  • Go to open network stream
  • Paste link for radio
  • Click Play


VLC Player Tips_Play online radio in VLC Player

11. Play Video as your desktop wallpaper

  • Open VLC Player
  • Go to Tools
  • Go to Preference
  • Click Video
  • Go to Output dropdown box
  • Select DirectX (DirectDraw) video output
  • Save & Restart VLC
  • Play any Video
  • Right-click on the video screen
  • Go to Video
  • Go to Set as wallpaper

Your video will play as your desktop wallpaper.


VLC Player Tips_Play video in desktop in VLC Player

12. Adding watermarks on video

  • Open VLC Player
  • Go to Tools
  • Go to Effects and Filters
  • Click Video Effects Tab
  • Go to Overlay tab
  • Choose logo or simple text to the video


VLC Player Tips_Watermarks effect in VLC Player

13. Play Videos As ASCII Characters

  • Open VLC Player
  • Go to Tools
  • Go to Preference
  • Click Video
  • Go to Output drop-down box
  • Choose Color ASCII art video output

VLC Player Tips_ASCII Characters in VLC Player

14. Snapshot Taking of video

  • Just using a shortcut you can take a snapshot of a video
  • Shortcut “Shift + s”

15. Control the Playback speed

  • Open VLC Player
  • Go to Playback
  • Go to Speed
  • Click Faster for Fast speed
  • Click Slower for Slow speed
  • Click Normal speed for default speed


VLC Player Tips_Playback speed in VLC Player

16. Download YouTube Videos

  • Copy a video URL from YouTube
  • Open VLC Player
  • Go to Media
  • Open Network Stream
  • Paste Video URL in link field
  • Click Play
  • Go to Tools
  • Click Codec Information
  • Go to location field at the bottom of the Codec Information Window
  • Copy the text from the location field
  • Go to your browser
  • Paste the copied text in the address bar of browser
  • Hit Enter from keyboard
  • Right Click on the Video
  • Click Save Video As


VLC Player Tips_Download youtube video by VLC Player

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