Looks can be deceiving: Exclusive Apple iPhone SE review

“SE” is the short from of “Special Edition”. Apple released the most powerful iPhone called iPhone 5 SE which got 4-inch retina display, A9 chip and 12-megapixel camera. Though looks can be deceiving, still apple is not disappointing you as always. Most of the iPhone users liked the medium size iPhone 5 SE. iPhone SE is the latest release by Apple.


Looks can be deceiving: iPhone SE Design

A fantastic design was applied for Apple iPhone SE. After refining all old and new ideas this version has been designed. The body of this device constructed from bead-blasted aluminum, which gave a real satin-like look. The edges are matte-chamfered and a stainless steel logo has been fixed at the backside of the device. IPhone SE actually designed in a brilliant way to fit it comfortably in user’s hand.


Technology used in iPhone SE

iPhone SE has come with A9 Chip which is an advanced chip used in iPhone 6s. The architecture designed as 64-bit desktop class architecture. The A9 chip added presentable speed including responsiveness. The graphics performance boosted to console-class performance with its 4-inch retina display. Its super-proficient coprocessor M9 motion embedded straight into A9 Chip. It appends accelerometer, compass, and gyroscope for the tracking capabilities of fitness like as counting steps or distance. Comparatively, the iPhone 5 SE is 2 times faster than iPhone 5s in CPU performance. Also, 3 times faster than iPhone 5s in GPU performance.

Looks can be deceiving Apple iPhone SE review ips retina display colors















What apple says about “Siri”

Apple says about Siri, “Your Wish is its command”. To use/ activate Siri is now easier than ever in iPhone SE. Just with a simple voice command saying “Hey Siri” you can activate Siri. You don’t need to touch your phone.


Photos and Videos with iPhone SE

In this Apple iPhone SE review, I must admit the camera feature of iPhone SE. Looks can be deceiving, but iPhone SE provides the camera you will ever need. It’s an iSight camera of real 12-MP. To take snaps with the iPhone SE camera gives you an equal experience as detailed as iPhone 6s. You can shoot 4K video and it gives you 4K video editing opportunity. An extra ordinary feature you can enjoy in this iPhone 5 SE named “Live Photos”. You just touch and hold on the 12-MP still, it will capture the moments just before and after it was clicked. It complies your photos and converts them into living memories.

Beautiful Selfies with New iPhone 5 SE

iPhone SE contains another new feature FaceTime HD camera and Retina Flash. A custom display chip used in it, which creates flash 3 times brighter than ever. And the retina flash brighten selfies in lower light even at night. Overall, this FaceTime HD camera and Retina Flash make your selfie more live and beautiful than ever.

Looks can be deceiving Apple iPhone SE review ips retina display








iCloud Photo Library & iPhone 5 SE

The iCloud Photo Library saves all of your images and videos. And this library keeps all photos and videos up-to-date on all of your Apple devices. Any modification you make, takes the effect everywhere in real-time everywhere.


Search right from Gboard – iPhone SE

Another additional feature iPhone SE brought to you. Right from the Gboard now you can search information on Google. It’s really an awesome feature which save your time to go to a browser and browse.

 Looks can be deceiving Apple iPhone SE review Gboard

Touch ID – Advanced Security in iPhone SE

To unlock your iPhone you can simply use your fingertip as Touch ID. Your fingerprint is your password exactly. There is no chance to lose your finger.


Apple Pay is more secure in iPhone SE

Your Touch ID is not only for unlocking your iPhone. It also enables the opportunity to purchase at over twenty Lac stores including Apps. It’s really easy to purchase through your Touch ID. All you have to put your finger on Touch ID and hold the iPhone close to the reader of the store and you are done. It never shares any information of your Card. So, Apple Pay is a real secure way for any payment.

Looks can be deceiving Apple iPhone SE review ips retina display fastest Wi-Fi LTE















LTE and Wi-Fi are now faster than ever

Any possible activity over 802.11ac Wi-Fi and LTE now faster than iPhone 5s. Also LTE band upgraded iPhone SE for better International Roaming. Now Voice over LTE is practical by iPhone SE. Even this device enabled the chance of Wi-Fi calling for high quality wideband calls. Bluetooth technology of Apple iPhone SE allows you to remain connected with Apple iWatch, external speakers or earphones even other devices.

Don’t allow the “iPhone SE” look make you underestimate it, because it’s a fabulous device.


Apple iPhone SE review with short spec

  • Display: 4-inch IPS Retina screen
  • OS version: iOS 9.3
  • Processor: A9 dual-core
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Sensor: Touch ID fingerprint sensor
  • Battery: 1624 mAh battery
  • Internal Storage: 16 or 64GB\
  • Camera: 12MP (rear)
  • Dimensions: 123.8mm x 58.6mm x 7.6mm
  • Weight: 113 gram
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth 4.2, NFC, LTE, & GPS
  • Front Camera: 1.2MP FaceTime
  • New feature: Live photos
  • Review Price: £359.00



  1. Absolutely fabulous performance
  2. Small, pocketable and perfect
  3. Compact body
  4. Damn good battery life of an iPhone in 2016
  5. Awesome Camera
  6. It supports Apple Pay
  7. Price starts from $399


  1. Average Screen: Though most of people likes the screen size, still some of us do not like
  2. Front camera is old & poor and touch ID sensor
  3. It requires a complete phone reset to use iCloud Music or iTunes properly
  4. 16GB iPhone SE got a very small storage to install essential apps or store photos, videos or music
  5. The screen is small for easy-typing
  6. Base model provides just 16GB of storage



Apple iPhone SE is just a fantastic small phone among the smartphone market overall.

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