iOS 9 Battery Drain – Best Tips & Tricks to Extend Battery life

iOS 9 Battery Drain is a hot topic now in Apple users community. Apple iOS updates caused battery life consumption for a lot of Apple devices nowadays. Recently who updated his device to iOS 9, most of them faced battery drainage issue. Considering this situation we are going show you, how to fix battery drainage problem or unexpected battery life consumption in 9.0, iOS 9.1, iOS 9.2, and iOS 9.3.

iOS 9 Battery Drain intro

iOS 9 of Apple brought many new awesome features and fixes with this latest update. But it created a vital issue with the battery life of Apple device who upgraded his device to the latest iOS 9.3.1 version. This is exactly the Battery Drainage issue. Is not it really unexpected? Apple’s service must not have any negative effect. Every update must be tested well before its delivery.

iOS 9 Battery Drain Battery Usage

How can you get rid of iOS 9 Battery Drain?

We are really concerned to help every victim of this battery drainage issue. And we are determined to help all victim out. This guide is for then who runs iOS 9, iOS 9.0.1, iOS 9.0.2, iOS 9.1, iOS 9.2, iOS 9.2.1, iOS 9.3, iOS 9.3.1, and the new iOS 9.3.2 beta to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Each user must keep this tips and fixes in mind. Battery life can betray with you anytime, so the user has to be prepared for it.

Step 1: Check your Apps

The moment you noticed the unusual battery drainage on your device, the first step you have to take is; have a hard look at your Apps installed in the device. You have to check your App performance. To do that, go to “Settings” and then go to “Battery” and identify with the Battery Usage tool and new changes by iOS 9. Get to know the apps are consuming up the battery charge from the Battery Usage Tool. Get informed which app consumed most of the battery charges within last 24 hours. Get into the deep analysis by tapping on the little clock to know that exact time of most battery consumption.

iOS 9 Battery Drain Check your app battery percentage

A sort of app will consume battery the most during the “screen on” and some used to attack your power during “screen off”. If there is something odd to you, just try to update the app (considering its good review). If updating does not help you out, reinstall the app or uninstall the app completely to check if the battery life of your device improves a bit or not.

Step 2: Check by uninstalling Facebook

Facebook app consumes a huge charge of battery in the different operating system. Recently there was a suggestion by The Guardian that Facebook still causing huge battery drainage. Another test report was, Facebook consumes average 15% of total battery life.

So if it shows that uninstalling Facebook improve your battery life, then keep it uninstalled.

Step 3: Enter into “Low Power Mode”

The brand new feature of iOS 9 “Low Power Mode” permits users to extend the battery life up to 10% to 20%. To enable this mode you have to go to Settings. From settings, go to Battery and then go to “Low Power Mode” and enable the option. By enabling this option, your apple device will limit many options and features which were needed to control by yourself. This “Low Power Mode” extends your battery life several hours.

iOS 9 Battery Drain Low Power Mode

Step 4: Switch on “Airplane Mode”

If you are confirmed about battery drainage of your device, check it if you are in the spotty cellular service area. Basically, it is very tough to search signal for a device when it is in this area, and it causes your battery life drainage swiftly.

In this moment to get rid from battery drainage, quickly enter into “Low Power Mode” or “Airplane Mode”. Devices are in “Airplane mode” never searches for better signal or any connection available in a short distance.

Step 5: Incapacitate “iCloud Keychain”

Go to iCloud Keychain and disable it. Many apple users said that after disabling this option, they see a huge difference to battery life. So it might work for you.

iOS 9 Battery Drain iCloud Keychain

Disabling instruction of “iCloud Keychain”: Browse “Settings”, then go to iCloud and then Keychain, after that toggle off the option “iCloud Keychain”. If you use “iCloud Keychain”, and it does not bother to Battery Life, you can turn the feature on anytime.

 Step 6: Control “Refresh Apps run on Background”

Apps you don’t need refresh automatically in device background, just disable the feature called “Background App Refresh” which is built-in with iOS. It might be helpful to recover from iOS 9 Battery Drain.