Windows Phone Recovery Tool | Recover, Reset, Rollback

Windows Phone Recovery Tool Changed by the name Windows Device Recovery Tool. Microsoft is very brave to changing names of own mobile applications. Microsoft has done it the second time. The first name of the application was “Lumia Recovery Tool”. After first change, the name was “Windows Phone Recovery Tool”. And secondly and the newly updated name is “Windows Device Recovery Tool”. 

The new version of this software is 3.0.1 which is called “Windows Device Recovery Tool”. This version provides few more opportunities. Such as recovering devices which contain Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 8.1, also Windows 10 Mobile. It provides in-product help pages. This version fixed some unnamed bugs, which we can call improvement of this application. You can root and unroot your android device using kingo android tool.

 1. Windows Phone Recovery Tool: Roll back your Windows 10 Phone to Windows 8.1 Phone

After updating your Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows 10 Phone, if you feel to back to Windows Phone 8.1, you can do it using Windows Phone Recovery Tool or Windows Device Recovery Tool.

To do that, follow the steps

1. Collect Windows Device Recovery Tool from a reliable site and install it on Windows Computer. You can download it from here.

2. Start the tool: Windows Device Recovery Tool

3. Now get your Windows 10 Phone connected to your Computer via USB data cable. (It will detect your Windows 10 Phone)


Windows Phone Recovery Tool - Connect Phone with PC


4. Click or Tap On your Detected Phone, it will show “Phone info” page with existing software installed in it and also will show available software including version to which you can roll back your device.


Windows Phone Recovery Tool - Phone Selection

5. Click or Tap on “Reinstall Software”


Windows Phone Recovery Tool - Phone Info

6. Now click or Tap on “Continue” when you are ready to go (Be sure that you have taken a backup of your phone (contact, SMS, apps) before continuing)