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1Password can be used on any Computer without installation; How?

1password lock

1Password is one of the best password manager among all password manager software. Usually to use this software, you have to install a desktop program of it. It allows you to use your vault anywhere in the world through any web browser.

Now let’s see, How to enable 1Password Anywhere

For the 1Password vault user have to apply old AgileKeychain format in lieu of new OPVault format if we prefer to do it. It encrypts further metadata by new OPVault format. For instance, URLs are encrypted in OPVault and remains in the database as “sitename.com/signup” but not like Agilekeychain earlier format.

You can start using AgileKeychain by clicking on the “Help” from the menu, then go to Tools option and deselect “Enable OpVault for Dropbox and Folder sync”.

1password OPVault for dropbox

Also, it will be required that you have to sync Vault of  One-Password with Dropbox. This application was planned to operate at the website of Dropbox, so it might not work when it is synced with other storage like Google drive, iCloud, SkyDrive or OneDrive.

It can be ensured that your One-Password Vault is syncing with Dropbox like this:

Go to Preference in One-Password and then go to Sync tab; now confirm One-Password is set up in order to sync with Dropbox.

You have to set the synchronization option to “None” when it is configured to synchronize in OPVault format and then it should be configured back to the “Dropbox”. If any changes to the above option, .opvault will be used in lieu of .agilekeychain by One-Password.