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Skype Resolver is a tool by which you can trace or identify IP address of any skype user. This is very important to secure IP address from resolvers because you can be harmed by many ways through your IP address. Like, your money can be stolen by the scammer, DDOSING (Deliberate Denial of Service) – by this method, it is possible to overload the network modem and shut down the network connectivity. The victim user will unable to connect to the internet from any connected device to that modem. If you want to Secure all your Passwords perfectly, you can try 1Password here in detail.

Beside it by skype resolver can be found if they are live and where to live. Also, can be found personal information, facebook information, IP location, PayPal name. Location of a person in real life can be known by skype resolver. Read more how do skype resolvers work?

How to hide IP from Skype Resolver?

  • Go to your Skype Messenger
  • Go to “Tools”

Skype Resolver Tools


  • Click on “Connection” from the left menu

Skype Resolver connection


  • Add port “32535” for incoming connection
  • Check the option: Use port 80 and 443 for additional incoming connections
  • Click on dropdown menu and select “HTTPS”
  • Use “” and “40031” for Host and Port
  • Keep unchecked “Enable Proxy Authentication
  • Keep unchecked “Enable uPnP
  • Keep checked “Allow direct connections to your contact only”
  • Click on “Save” to save all these configurations
  • Now log out from your skype messenger and quit it. Make sure that skype is completely closed from your system. To be confirmed you can restart your PC.
  • Change your IP address now.

N.B: To change your IP, contact with your ISP and explain them why you need different IP address (if needed).

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